Would You Be The Other Guy

  1. Many of our girlfriends, special one, wife-to-be, love-of-my-life-kind-a-girl, sometimes, could be quite demanding. We have been asked to be like this, to do like that, to speak only this, to wear a kind of this, to make us felt better of ourselves. Do they?
  2. and, we as a responsible gentleman, follow without question. As time passes by, we feel a bit discomfort in ourselves. Girls do hope her love ones to change. Unfortunately, they never change, they just tolerate.
  3. And, when the component of tolerate is breaking-down, the toleration itself follow. Guys always follow its habit.
  4. Then guys, by the time your love one say, i would be lucky if you'll be like this guy, that guy, statistically there'll be dead end with you and her.
  5. Do not tolerate, and do not change. you'll never be the other guy.

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