Godfather: Tom Hagen Vs. Jack Woltz

In this movie, as a head of Corleone family, one of five notorious New York mafia families in the 40’s, Don Corleone has an adviser, also known as Consigliore, which happens to be his adopted-lawyer son, Tom Hagen. Consigliore will advise/consult the Don on every strategic decision the family has to make, either the action legitimate or not. There was one request, from Don godson, Johnny Fontaine ask Don a favor to save his singing-soon-to-be acting career, and the Don, as an immediate response, has ordered Tom fled to Hollywood on the next day to reason with Jake Woltz, a well-connected Hollywood movie producer. Following Scene / dialogue are between the Don and the Consigliore, but never been showed in the movie. INT NIGHT: AIRPLANE (SUMMER 1945) HAGEN on the Constellation. He reaches into his briefcase, and takes out several pictures and papers. One photograph is of a smiling man, JACK WOLTZ, linked arm in arm with fifteen movie stars on either side, including a lovely young child star to his immediate right. HAGEN considers other papers. INT NIGHT: DON'S OFFICE (SUMMER 1945) DON CORLEONE looks, and then moves HAGEN into an embrace. He straightens his arms and looks at TOM deeply. DON CORLEONE : “Remember my new Consigliore; a lawyer with his briefcase can steal more than a hundred men with guns”

Godfather 1: Meeting of The Head of the Five Families

Tengok gambar sebelah. Nombor 2. Don Corleone dalam meeting dengan 5 kepala Mafia. Ini sedutan Skrip, Draf ketiga. EXT DAY: BANK BUILDING (SPRING 1946) Day in Manhattan. An impressive Bank Building in the financial center of New York. Many limousines are parked, uniforms and plain-clothed CHAUFFEURS waiting quietly. INT DAY: BOARD ROOM (SPRING 1946) The Board Room of a bank, daylight shines in the windows. CARLO TRAMONTI, an impressive, handsome middle-aged man, sits quietly, smoking a Di Napoli cigar, OUR VIEW moves to a MAN sitting to his left, and a little to the rear, and settles on JOSEPH ZALUCHI, a moon-faced amiable-looking man; as the view continues, around the table, we HEAR: DON CORLEONE (O.S.) : I want to thank you all for coming. I consider it a service done to me personally and I am in the debt of each and every one of you. Especially those of you who have traveled from such distances as California, St. Louis, Kansas City; and New Orleans... The VIEW PASSES to FRANK FALCONE and ANTHONY MOLINARI, both younger than any of the others; then on to DOMENICK PANZA, short and squat sitting in a wheelchair; then around the table to DON VINCENENZO FORLENZA, who is whispering to his JEWISH ASSISTANT; the VIEW PASSES on to ANTHONY STRACCI, an older man, sipping from a drink and smoking a cigar; OTTILIO CUNEO, in his middle sixties with a jolly round face; then DON PHILLIP TATTAGLIA, a delicate older man with dyed hair and a pencil mustache; and finally, EMILIO BARZINI, in his early sixties, a man to 'respect'; whom we had seen at CONNIE's Wedding. DON CORLEONE : Ah well, let's get down to business. We are all honorable men here, we don't have to give assurances as if we were lawyers. (he sits, gazes out at them, and sighs) How did things ever go so far? Well, no matter. A lot of foolishness has come to pass. It was so unfortunate, so unnecessary. The VIEW examines the room once again, as the DON speaks. A large, clicking board is changing numbers at various times, and two tapes, showing the fluctuations of the Market during the day's trading, and projected above. DON CORLEONE pauses; and TOM HAGEN hands him a cold drink. DON CORLEONE : Tattaglia has lost a son; I have lost a son. We are quits. Let there be a peace... (he gestures expressively, submissively, with his hands) That is all I want... BARZINI : Don Corleone is too modest. He had the judges and politicians in his pocket and he refused to share them. His refusal is not the act of a friend. He takes the bread out of the mouths of our families. Times have changed, it's not like the old days where everyone can go his own way. If Don Corleone had all the judges and politicians in New York, then he must share them or let others use them. Certainly he can present a bill for such services, we're not Communists, after all. But he has to let us draw water from the well. It's that simple. DON CORLEONE : My friends, I didn't refuse out of malice. You all know me. When have I ever refused an accommodation? But why, this time? Because I think this drug business will destroy us in the years to come. It's not like whiskey or gambling or even women which most people want and is forbidden them by the pezzonovante of the Church and the Government. But drugs? No. Even policemen, who help us in gambling and other things would refuse to help us in drugs. But...I am willing to do whatever all of you think is necessary. DON ZALUCHI : I don't believe in drugs. For years I paid my people extra so they wouldn't do that kind of business...$200 a week. But it didn't matter. Somebody comes to them and says, "I have powders, if you put up three, four Thousand dollar investment, we can make fifty thousand distributing." Who can resist such a profit? There's no way to control it, as a business...to keep it respectable. (rapping the table) I don't want it near schools! I don't want it sold to children. That is an infamita. (thinking) In my city I would try to keep the traffic in the dark people, the colored. They are the best customers, the least troublesome, and they are animals anyway. They have no respect for their wives or their families or themselves. Let them lose their souls with drugs. But something has to be done, we can't have everybody running around doing just what they please, like a bunch of anarchists. BARZINI : Then, are we agreed; the traffic in drugs will be permitted, but controlled; and Don Corleone agrees to give it protection in the East. DON CORLEONE nods. BARZINI : That's the whole matter then, we have the peace, and let me pay my respects to Don Corleone, whom we have all known over the years as a man of his word. (noticing TATTAGLIA is uneasy) Don Philip? TATTAGLIA : I agree to everything here, I'm willing to forget my own misfortune. But I must hear strict assurance from Corleone. When time goes by and his position becomes stronger, will he attempt any individual vendetta? They all look at the DON; especially HAGEN, who feels that DON CORLEONE has given a great deal, and must have something else in mind. Slowly the DON rises. DON CORLEONE : I forego my vengeance for my dead son, for the common good. But I have selfish reasons. My youngest son had to flee, accused of Sollozzo's murder, and I must now make arrangements so that he can come home with safety, cleared of all those false charges. That is my affair, and I will make those arrangements. (with strength) But I am a superstitious man...and so if some unlucky accident should befall my youngest son, if some police officer should accidentally shoot him, or if he should hang himself in his cell, or if my son is struck by a bolt of lightning, then I will blame some of the people here. That, I could never forgive, but...aside from that, let me swear by the souls of my Grandchildren that I will never be the one to break the peace we have made.

Pakatan Caspian

16 Oktober yang lalu, telah wujud di dunia ini satu pakatan. Pakatan Caspian. Russia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, dan Turkmenistan. Siapa sangka, negara-negara yang kita dengar dalam lawak "Tiga Abdul" sudah berpakat-pakat demi survival dan strateginya tersendiri. Siapa negara-negara ini? mengapa mereka begitu berani? apa yang kita tahu mengenai ahli pakatan ini? Ini semua negeri yang amat banyak hasil mahsyulnya, bukan sahaja dari segi sumber semulajadi, tapi juga dari segi modal insan. Samada kuantiti, mahupun kualiti. Walaupun Russia dan Iran yang agak menonjol di pentas politik dunia, namun 3 negara yang lain juga kaya sumber semulajadi asli, minyak, arang, dan mineral. Nampaknya, Sekutu United States kena cari jalan lain untuk menyerang Iran, sebab ruang udara dan darat pakatan ini sudah didaulatkan untuk mereka berlima. United States, negara yang berniaga dengan perang, dengan pasaran modal yang rapuh dan nipis tidak mampu untuk mengukuh sehingga disuntik 130 bilion++ sejak September 07 lalu. Matawangnya juga rendah dan semakin rendah. Ringgit kita semakin kuat, kata mereka. Atau Dolar yang mengecil dengan sendirinya? adakah figura eksport dan urusniaga luar negeri kita sama kuat dengan kekuatan ringgit kini? Ekonomi kita sedang dipacu, agaknya hanya berita dan propaganda. Realitinya, kita makin tersepit. Kadar inflasi kita katanya masih terkawal, tetapi berdasarkan apa? apa petunjuknya? aku tidak yakin inflasi kita terkawal 2%-3%. Kita jauh lebih tinggi. Basis pengiraan isi rumahnya, bank negara dan institusi kewangan lain pada aku tidak telus. Julat pendapatan isi rumah tidak dinyatakan. Yang ada hanya peratus. Ekonomis sosialis dari dulu lagi sudah menolak petunjuk percentage. Percentage hanya nisbah seluruh set. Kita kena ada weighted-Average. Petunjuk kumulatif. Segmentasikan dengan komposisi ekonomi masyarakat desa dan bandar. Then we see the truth, how high the inflation rate shoots up. Gunatenaga dan belanja tetap mobiliti kita sudah war-war untuk dinaikkan. Katanya tiada pilihan. Semuanya kerana harga Crude Oil dunia akan sampai ke USD100 per barrel. Jadi apa? Bila harga Crude Oil ini melambung hanya rakyat sahajakah yang kena menanggung harga yang melambung. Cabang ekonomi kerajaan buat apa? hanya duduk menganga dibelasah dengan kenaikan harga Crude Oil? Rakyat adjust lifestyle, goverment kena adjust apa? Kedengarannya macam ekonomi komunis. Ini bukan komunis. Samada sistem ekonomi campuran mahupun kapitalis, yang dibebankan adalah End User dan yang kaya adalah producer. itu belum ada elemen rasuah. Kalau ada elemen rasuah, Ruler dan Producer sama-sama merompak hak orang lain. Lagi satu, Si Samy Vellu. Kamu wakil rakyat ke, wakil Syarikat?


Hidup aku semasa dan selepas Aidilfitri 2007 secara ringkas: - Masuk kerja balik 23/10 - Sampai k.l 21/10 - Tayar Motor hilang kena parap dengan (aku syak) penagih. - Aku lebur RM 120 beli tayar baru tanpa Sport Rim. - 22/10 aku cuti kecemasan, nak settel pasal motor. - Malam Raya ke-5, mat rempit dari Sauk langgar kereta aku. Nasib umur budak tu panjang, aku ingat dah jadi statistik. - Aku kena pindah rumah hujung Oct ni. Ingat nak bukak markaz baru di Bangsar. - Seperti biasa, bila masuk kerja aje, kerja banyak menimbun-nimbun dan bertepek-tepek. - Oh ye, kawan perempuan aku kawin 20/10 (Sabtu) - namanya siti Aziah dah selamat melangsungkan perkahwinan. Alhamdullillah, dah tercapai cita-cita dia. Aku doakan bahagia ke-anak cucu. - Abang kembo aku baru hantar tanda, langkah awal ke alam rumahtangga. Tahniah Cikgu Lan dan Cikgu Suriani. - Aku, Duan dan Keroll, kekal bergaya macam ini juga. Jangan main-main, kitorang banyak duit.


Hari ini hari akhir untuk Ramadhon 1428H di ofis. Dari pagi rasa nak bekerja dah tak ada, yang jelas nampak jalan nak masuk kampung aku dengan bayang-bayang sesak lalulintas yang bakal aku hadap sikit masa nanti. Aku naik ofis balik 22 Oct. Cuti sampai seminggu. Kapal sudah disusun baik, dan minyak sudah dalam tangki. Kapal datang, isi minyak. Moga tiada yang ralat major, sebab kalau ralat yang minor, Insyaallah, aku sudah sediakan payung dan back-up plan. Mahu cuti panjang, kena pikir settllement dua bulan, itu pesan lojistik ko-ordinator aku. Macammana ini? aku bayar tol untuk merasa nikmat bersesak-sesak buntut ke buntut (kereta) bila raya? Ini baru namanya Urustadbir Bijak (Smart Governance) yang dipraktiskan oleh pemerintah kita. Kita rupanya tiada pilihan, bersesak untuk kemana-mana. Nasib baik kita sudah ada yang keangkasa, mungkin pada satu ketika kita kemana-mana pun dengan jet melintas angkasa. Nanti Duan datang dari LCCT, aku ambil di K.J, ambil Pak Itam dan Adik Ilah. Meneruskan perjalanan balik kampung, sambil dengar Radio Hot.fm. Kita dengar lagu raya sepanjang jalan dengan ranjau sepanjang jalan juga. Walauapapun yang bakal terjadi pada persekitaran kita menjelang hari raya, semuanya terpisah dengan cerita lain, hanya cerita raya sahaja yang mendapat tempat. Sebab dalam sambutan Aidilfitri ini, tunjangnya Agama, pokoknya keluarga, dan daun dan rantingnya budaya. Ya, Islam dan budaya Melayu ini bukankah simbiosis? Mana-mana pun tidak mendefinasikan mana-mana. Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri 2007 Maaf Zahir Batin P/s: Old Cliffordian kiranya mau bersua dimalam raya dikampung Talang untuk menegok meriam dan bergurindam kisah lama, kisah Mat Ober!!


Minggu ini, dan minggu depan, adalah minggu yang menyenangkan, lagi membahagiakan. Yang beribu,berbapa, berkeluarga, inilah mingu-minggunya. Mana yang dirindukan, mana yang didambakan, semuanya akan kembali dan menyeri. Dengan Keizinan-Nya. Bagi anak rantau, kembalinya ke kampung halamannya kali ini, tidakkan sama dengan kembalinya yang selalu. Kali ini lain, kembalinya kini ada kemaafan dihujungnya. Namun, merindukan orang yang pasti tidakkan kembali, yang telah kembali ke-sisi Ya-Rabbi yang Maha Mengetahui letak duduk hamba-Nya...adalah yang paling sukar untuk digambarkan dengan rasa dan tidakkan dapat dilukis dengan kata-kata. Dan demi kasih rindu dan dendam... Allahyarham Hj.Mohd Desa B. Ngah Isa Allahyarham Muhd. Zulhelmi B. Zainuddin Allahyarhamah Adik Nurin Jazlin Bt. Jazimin (Manakan aku dapat membayangkan kezaliman keatasmu) Al-Fatihah...


Laut luas misterius. Laut-laut sepanjang perairan pantai timur, timur sabah lagi misteri. Disana, ada laut luas, open sea.

Ombak menghempas, begitulah iramanya berjuta-juta tahun dulu, sejak laut tercipta yang entah bila, kita pun tiada tahu.

Dengan laut kita kenal Adidas, kita kenal minyak petrol, naik haji, terjajah dan merdeka kembali.

Laut ini misteri, disebabkan kemisteriannya itulah, laut sering di"metafora"kan dengan perkara-perkara hiperbola, kedalaman cinta contohnya.

Dan demi laut, aku abadikan potretnya.


Kesultanan melayu, dengan sejarahnya yang panjang adalah warisan poltik-sosio kita mana yang mengaku Melayu. Kesultanan dan pensultanan adalah cara hidup. Didalamnya ada kata pemutus. Perintah dan tindak. Kalau dalam gelung budaya, ia tertinggi sekali letaknya kerana Kesultanan pada waktu itu adalah pusat pemikiran dan informasi rakyat. Semuanya terletak diatas batu jemala patik, ampun, beribu-ribu ampun Tuanku. Dalam sejarahnya yang panjang, sejarah kesultanan Melayu ini ia telah menyaksikan semuanya, untuk kita ambil iktibar, ambil peduli dan ambil tahu. kegemilangan, pembunuhan, perang, perbalahan, pilih bulu, favortisme, konspiran, dugaan, kekalahan, dugaan, dengki, perebutan kuasa, rasuah seks, dendam, iri hati, keraian, kebaikan hati, pesta, majlis ilmu, ilmu kebatinan, ilmu hitam, kekejaman, dan semua-muanyalah yang pernah terfikir dek pikiran kita. Cuma, untuk kesan-akibat perbuatan yang lalu itu, kita masih juga mengulang kesilapan yang sama, entahlah kenapa? Mungkin sebab kita ini manusia lupa ataupun kita hanya menganggap sejarah itu sesuatu yang mati dan sejuk, yang tiada apa-apa padanya dan tiada untung pula kepada kita.


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