Lets Lightly Talk About Politics.

Politik. suasananya sentiasa panas. kritikannya pedas. teori bernas. bicaranya, tidak pernah puas. itulah politik. asal kejadiannya demokrasi. majoriti mengalahkan monoriti, waima minoriti itu punya kebolehan untuk kepimpinan yang lebih teserlah.

Dalam politikal ala komunis, ada mata lihat, ada telinga dengar, ada mulut diam. dalam politikal demokrasi, ada mata lihat, ada telinga dengar, ada mulut boleh cakap, boleh diam. ada tangan, boleh pangkah satu, boleh pangkah dua, atau tak pangkah langsung. dalam demokrasi, itu tidak pernah menjadi hal yang membimbangkan.

Politic is a game of numbers.

However, most of us forget, politic is also a game of money, greed, fear and perception.

The same mechanism applies to love and it’s subsequent.

Most of the horrible and terrible war or conflict started and ignite by love, and greed of power. There must be a lucrative gain hidden deeply inside everything and anything that has to do with love and politic, directly or indirectly connected, where everybody seems very much interested to get a pinch.

love and political act, at any stage could present the hilarious comedy of all time, as love and politics were not run by a bunch of geniuses; yet it’s only run by a bunch of common and average individual, like us.

If they were genius, they should become a rocket scientist or better by now. As they were a common and average people like us, they tend to do the same mistake we actually do from time to time.

there were nothing great about them, so do we

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