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Looking at the list of our top international creditors, a few overall characteristics show some interesting trends: Three of the top 10 spots are held by China and its constituent parts, and while two of our biggest creditors are fellow English-speaking democracies, a considerable share of our debt is held by oil exporters that tend to be decidedly less friendly in other areas of international relations.
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Uncle Sam major debtors list:
1. China ($891.6 Billion)
2. Japan ($883.6 Billion)
3. UK ($541.3 Billion)
4. Oil Exporters ($218 Billion)
5. Brazil ($180.8 Billion)
6. Carribean Banking Centers ($155.6 Billion)
7. Hong Kong ($138.2 Billion)
8. Canada ($134.6 Billion)
9. Taiwan ($131.9 Billion)
10. Russia ($106.2 Billion)
who-owns-the-us: Personal Finance News from Yahoo! Finance
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