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ISLAMABAD â€" Pakistan hiked oil prices by 9.9 percent Tuesday, a move that threatens the stability of the fragile, U.S.-allied civilian government at a time of economic turmoil in the impoverished country.
Jawad Nasim, a spokesman for the country's oil regulator, said the decision was forced by international oil market price increases â€" spurred by uprisings in Libya and other North African and the Middle Eastern countries. The price of a gallon of gas went from roughly $3.28 per gallon ( rupees per liter) to $3.59 per gallon (80.19 rupees per liter.)
Nota Ras Raka:-
Waaawiiii...Pakistan dah naikkan harga domestik petrol. mesti ada demo ni, sebab orang pakistan pasal apa pun diorang demo.
ni kang sikit lagi pak mail sabri umum naik minyak la ni..time ni sabar la sikit, sebab kerdau dengan merlimau tengah nak undi.
lepas undi nanti, siap.
Pakistan hikes oil prices, fueling anger - Yahoo! News
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