tahun ke-2

ulangtahun ke-2 (10/04)

yeay, it has been 2 years top. last year our hand quite full with adel. he just only 3 month plus, and we are busy taking care of his needs. and we still do. 

it is a long journey ahead. and time is running short. i have learned to appreciate now. hoping for the best for later. and picking up a lesson, whatever they may be, when we are at then.

you're my soulmate. you're my only friend with benefits. you have been quite well being my financial deputy director. you're my 2nd commander in chief, and as well as my partner in crime. 

i still remembered how nervous i am, on the same date, two years ago. but, somehow i knew then, you are the love of my life and everything seem perfectly in order. i know you'll make me a better man.

happy 2nd anniversary my dear love, Ummi Kalsum Binti Abdullah.

Thank you very much being such a lovely mother to Ahmad Adel Al-Kalbaani and wife to Muhamad Rosli Zainuddin.

Alhamdulillah, aku bersyukur ke hadrat-Mu Ya Allah, atas kurniaan nikmat yang telah engkau berikan. kasihanilah dan berkatilah keluarga kecil-ku ini Ya Allah, untuk kehidupan kami di dunia dan yang paling penting, kehidupan akhirat kami Ya Allah.

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