Hosni Di talak seribu oleh Amerika

– Sun Feb 6, 5:25 pm ET (Yahoo News)
WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama says Egypt isn't going back to being the country it was now that pro-democracy protests have roiled the Arab country the last two weeks.
In an interview broadcast Sunday on Fox television before the Super Bowl, Obama said it's clear that the people of Egypt want freedom and free and fair elections.
Asked whether Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak will leave office soon, Obama said that only Mubarak knows what he will do at this point.
Obama said he is confident that a representative government in Egypt will be one that the U.S. can work with as a partner.(YahooNews)
Ras Raka:
Obama sekali lagi bagi hint kat Hosni supaya turun dan jangan lagi membahayakan Israel dan terusan suez, yang merupakan interest utama amerika dan sekutu kuatnya Israel.
Hosni sudah ditalak seribu oleh US dan sekutunya. Sekarang mereka mencari ‘isteri’ baru di Mesir.

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