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By Stephen Kinzer â€" Wed Feb 9, 10:36pm ET
NEW YORK â€" Qaddafi's son has been linked to arms smuggling. Saddam's kids were rapists and torturers. The children of despots often hasten their fathers' downfall. Just ask Mubarak.
Hosni Mubarak is falling from power in Egypt partly because he refused to heed one of history’s hidden lessons: Dictators shouldn’t have sons.
Most do. That often hastens their downfall or that of their nations.
Egyptians might have been willing to accept their lot for a while longer if the ailing Mubarak had not made it clear he intended his son, Gamal, to succeed him in power. Of all his arrogant acts, none insulted his people more than his insistence that of the 80 million Egyptians, Gamal Mubarak was best qualified to lead the country. The plan was for him to rise to power not by popular vote, but only because his father wished it that way.
kenapa diktaktor tak berjaya di wilayah arab? sebab rakyat dah nampak, kalu bapak borek anak mesti hujan lebat punya.
itu pasal mubarak kena tendang...
mubarak dah tua baru pandai amik rasuah, tapi anaknya bukak mata jer dah di ajar rasuah, dah seleweng. mana rakyat tak bangun menentang.
artikel penuh klik link di bawah...wakakakaka
Dictators' Sons, From Egypt to Libya, Are Doomed - Yahoo! News
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