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By BEN FELLER, AP White House Correspondent Ben Feller, Ap White House Correspondent â€" 45 mins ago
WASHINGTON â€" Bristling with impatience, President Barack Obama on Thursday openly and sharply questioned whether Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak's pledge to shift power to his vice president is an "immediate, meaningful or sufficient" sign of reform for a country in upheaval.
Without naming Mubarak, Obama issued a written statement that criticized the leader for not offering clarity to his people or a concrete path to democracy. He called on Egyptian government leaders to do so, declaring: "They have not yet seized that opportunity."
Nota Ras Raka:-
besar sudah marah..dalam kata lain.." apa benda ko nak buat ni mubarak...nak buat murtabak mubarak kaaa..wakakakaka"..
ini maknanya mubarak kena banck up dengan setan yang lagi besar dari obama, kena back up dengan setan Israel...wakakakakaka....percayalah jangan tak percaya
Impatient, Obama sharply questions Mubarak pledge - Yahoo! News
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