PAS/ UMNO / 08-09 / Political Bump.

* Writing done under the perception of:- - UMNO is biggest Malay – based political party - PAS come in second. - PKR comes in third. - Malay as a biggest majority vote if any party wish to rule a government. - BN as current and for the last 51 years ruler coalition. - PR as a current alternative coalition. After they lose 5 states and some of the crucial parliament’s seats since March 08, UMNO seems holding it back for a while and quite busy to strategize themselves on the following issue:- - Intra-party defeated Cause and effect analysis. - Sensitive keynotes among BN components. - Negative public perception on country’s mismanagement. - Rising the domestic petrol price from RM 1.92 to RM 2.70 - Overthrown attempt by PR in September 08. - Permatang Pauh by Election. - UMNO leadership election in Dec 08, which later postponed to March 09. - Power and presidency transition. And, how they strategize? By doing this I supposed:- - Constantly questioned the PR 5 states administrations and make sure it was well-informed to the public. - Proposed to tighten Malaysian community unity from the primary schools by using only Bahasa Melayu, which manage to silent all sensitive demand from BN and non-BN pressure group. - Constantly questioned PAS and most of the PKR Malay leader stands and comments, in any Malay’s unity and privilege right related issue. - And any stands and comments released by PAS and Malay PKR leader will customized either they are in-line with the greater good of Malay majority or against them. - Constantly pictured the PR as a fragile coalition. - Shows that UMNO have a rocky intra-party relation but all are under control. Result? If we excluded the gloomy economical factor in 2009, now we’re able to see UMNO, PAS, PKR Malay leader have been quite busy to prove themselves to the public and convinced the public again. UMNO/BN (as Power Competitors) will not stop to strategize to bring down the PR, as same as PR never stop to bring down BN for the last 10 years since 1998 political fiasco. Hopefully PR coalition stays focus on delivering all expectations given to them before March 08 and handles the political pressure wisely. Result will speak by itself, and PR should know this before it’s all too late. For BN though, they should try harder to make things better than before, and ease the current uneasy perception felt by the public, not focusing on putting a huge hurdle to a group of people who willingly to offer something better than what they’ve offering now. We knew this is politic after all, and that is the game. But, who plays better? Hold back my friends, time will tell.

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