Quality Arrest By SPRM

on today's paper, an executive Councillor of shah alam adun, Yaakop Sapari and 34 others was drag down to SPRM cuffs. Good job SPRM. We should not tolerate on bribery and power misconduct regardless how small and how insignificant they are.
this sudden and shock attempt by SPRM should left the PR adun's and MP checked.
But, there still one million dollar question we need to shoot to SPRM.
Dear SPRM, which is better, quality or quantity arrest?
If we assume 34 wrongdoer's get 1 million bribe at one time, it is only resulted 34 million misuse of people money in total.
Imagine how much money and time SPRM could save if, let say they caught red-handed 1 people with 354 million ringgit bribery. Let's the quality arrest be the SPRM ultimate goal. not the quantity, and definitely not the political muscle that heating up SPRM ass. Sorry, it sound rude, but most people think they do.
Anyway, until it is proven, congrats again on the latest arrest.

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