The Dreams Of The 60 Billion Ringgit Stimulus Package

FUNDS TO BE SPENT The second stimulus package will have 4 thrust: - REDUCING unemployment and increasing employment (RM2 billion)
- EASING the burden of the Rakyat, in particular vulnerable groups (RM10 billion.)
- ASSISTING the private sector in facing the crisis (RM29 billion.)
- BUILDING capacity for the future (RM19 billion)
- Fiscal injection --> RM15 billion
- Guaranteed funds --> RM25 billion
- Equity investment--> RM10 billion
- Private finance initiative(PFI) and off-budget projects-->RM7billion
- Tax incentives-->RM3 billion
Taken from here My Comment:
- It would be smart move by the government to boost the economy in general.
- How much is 60 Billion?
- It is equal to dividen paid petronas every year to the government.
- As for simple equation, Malaysia population only have more or less 27 million people.
- Why don't give the 60 Billion direct to the people.
- Afterall, the main objective of the stimulus package were for sake of the rakyat.
- If 60 Billion divide by 27 Million, still enough for approximately 1 billion ringgit for everybody.
- Than the whole Malaysia will be the nation of ferrari.
- And everybody will have their own private cinema in their home.
- In two weeks time, all Malaysian starts dreaming to live forever
- and the list went on and on...

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