permanent ink for election

permanent ink in egypt general election- picture from khaleej times, 28 nov 2011
birth of new egypt, huge turnout, and free voting atmosphere, and don't forget they are using permanent ink. hard to believe? see the picture above. 

man, this is egypt. they might be in a mess for the last 8 months, but finally the people get what they really want, a fair election for the people, by the people. 

i wonder if the spr or someone from the pr or malaysia sending a representative to monitor the egypt election. perhaps the can make a full report, and answer the ultimate question, is it hard to use the permanent ink in the general election. because those people, who against the mubarak and lately come head to head with the military seems quite happy to use permanent ink. 

i wonder if they have the post voting system. if they don't, clearly we are two steps behind egypt in term of reliable voting system. just saying. i mean no harm. 

photo gallery of Egyptian voters here

source: egypt hails election as successful 'democracy test' - khaleej times 29 nov 2011

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