Issue of kalimah Allah. Its not about hukumnya harus atau haram but more on what the issue manifests considering the timing and the condition of our country. Yes harus (boleh) because those in the middle east have been using it for ages but then why the Vatican is not using it hence the European, US? Why suddenly there is a need to use the kalimah by the Christian in Malaysia which don't even make up 10% of the whole population and why the remote practice of the Borneos must be extended to the greater radius to include Semanjung? Ain't other Christians (those not in Borneo) have been doing well just by using God all these while?.

All these questions then in turn, lead to other issues specially sensitivity. Why is it so difficult to keep thing as it is? If one side starts to make claims, other side will start too. But unjustly, when they raise their concerns, the world will celebrate them as the fighter of justice but when we try to defend what is ours (not even raising an issue), we are damned as racist, extremist.

And there is issue of contradiction. Hadi said, the kalimah can be used as long it is not abused? What does he mean by that? A statement like "Allah appears in three forms, father, son and the holy spirit", is this an abuse or not??? And also the issue of hypocrisy on how PAS has always been quick in meng'kafir'kan UMNO for something more trivial than this or justifiable (boleh diijtihadkan) as this.

So do you guys know why (kenapa DAP mainkan isu Kalimah Allah diwaktu PRU13 nak dekat sangat ni sedangkn isu ini tidak penting pun)? Sebabnya, diorang nak buktikan pada pengundi bukan melayu, terutamanya pengundi Cina, yang tiada apa yang perlu dirisaukan dengan PAS yang dilihat sangat extreme kerana DAP mampu meng'control'ny a (i.e PAS memang boleh dicucuk hidung). Usaha ini perlu kerana imej PAS yang ekstreme telah sekian lama menjadi igauan penyokong2 PR bukan melayu. Tetapi ini juga bermaksud:

1) Calculation DAP menunjukkan undian maksimum dari pengundi bukan-melayulah yg akan menentukan kemenangan PR diwaktu undi melayu telah pun stagnant .

2) DAP dah kenal sangat perangai penyokong PAS. Walaupun ramai dari mereka tidak bersetuju secara peribadi tentang isu kalimah ini tapi ketaksuban dn taklid buta mereka terhadap pemimpin PAS akan menyebabkn sokongan terhadap parti seterusnya PR tidak akan terjejas.

In a nutshell, the issue is more than whether the hukum is haram or harus, its about how the Melayu and the Muslims are so stupid, contradicting and exploited. Period.

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