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"Finally, Levy said, Israel is "the elephant in the room." Mubarak's regime has been good for Israel, he explained, and not only because it preserved peace on her southern border. The larger factor, Levy argued, is that autocratic regimes don't need to be responsive to public opinion on issues like Israel's occupation of the West Bank. "You could take a very soft line on what happens to the Palestinians, if you're an Arab regime." By contrast, a democratic Egypt, he said, might look more like Turkey, another democracy, which is far less willing to go along with the current policies of the Israeli government."
Nota Ras Raka:-
Dalam artikel ni, mamat Levvy ni bagitau kenapa Obama suruh Mubarak turun dan transition, bukannya secara mendadak macam di Iraq dan afghanistan.
Time for Mubarak to go? Why Obama hedges - Yahoo! News
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