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By JASON STRAZIUSO, Associated Press Jason Straziuso, Associated Press â€" Wed Feb 9, 11:43 pm ET
NAIROBI, Kenya â€" Somali pirates captured a Greek-flagged supertanker carrying an estimated $150 million worth of oil to the Gulf of Mexico, the second successful attack against an oil tanker by sea bandits in two days, officials said.
Such vessels can command higher ransoms because of the value of the crude on board. Owners of the oil may want to resolve hostage situations quickly, particularly if oil prices are dropping, a situation that can cost owners millions of dollars more than the pirate ransom will.
Still, ransom prices are on the rise. One last year reached $9.5 million, and the increasing prizes have provided even more incentive for pirates to launch attacks despite stepped-up patrols by an international flotilla of warships.
Pirates hold 29 ships and roughly 660 hostages.
The Irene SL was sailing 200 nautical miles (360 kilometers) east of Oman with a cargo of 266,000 tons of crude oil and a crew of seven Greeks, 17 Filipinos and one Georgian when it was attacked on Wednesday, Greece's Merchant Marine Ministry said. The Associated Press estimated the value of the oil at more than $150 million, based on the amount being carried and a price of $87 a barrel.
Nota Ras Raka:-
Ayooo..lanun somali dah capture crude oil punya supertanker daa. bukan sikit maa, 266,000MT. itu supply minyak keta aku 100 tahun tu..wakakakaka..
adakah minyak akan naik lagi? krisis mesir saja dah melonjak brent oil 100 dollar, dan nymex oil 90 dollar per barrel.
97 nak naik lagi ka?
Somali pirates capture supertanker, $150M of oil - Yahoo! News
Yahoo! News

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