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By SARAH EL DEEB and MAGGIE MICHAEL, Associated Press Sarah El Deeb And Maggie Michael, Associated Press â€" 28 mins ago
CAIRO â€" Egypt's military rulers took sweeping action to dismantle the autocratic legacy of former President Hosni Mubarak on Sunday, dissolving parliament, suspending the constitution and promising elections in moves cautiously welcomed by pro-democracy protesters.
They also met with representatives of the broad-based youth movement that brought down the government after an 18-day uprising that transfixed the world.
The caretaker government, backed by the military, said restoring security was a top priority even as labor unrest reflected one of the many challenges of steering the Arab world's biggest nation toward stability and democracy.
On Sunday, prominent activist Wael Ghonim posted on a Facebook page he manages notes from a meeting between members of the military council and youth representatives, which he described as encouraging.
The military defended the caretaker government, stocked with Mubarak loyalists, as necessary for now in the interests of stability but pledged to soon change it, said Ghonim and another protester, Amr Salama, in the statement.
"They said they will go after corrupt people no matter what their position current or previous," the statement added. Amendments to the much reviled constitution will be prepared by an independent committee over the next 10 days and then presented for approval in a popular referendum to be held in two months, they said.
Nota Ras Raka:-
Akhirnya, rejem Hosni mubarak tumbang selepas melayan tuntutan 18 hari rakyat. mana mungkin menahan gelombang kebangkitan, yang jelas menentang kezaliman.
Salute untuk rakyat-rakyat mesir yang berani.
Yang berani hidup tanpa hosni mubarak.
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Egypt's military rulers dissolve parliament - Yahoo! News
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