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By JESSIE L. BONNER, Associated Press Jessie L. Bonner, Associated Press â€" Thu Feb 10, 5:04 am ET
MARSING, Idaho â€" For more than a decade, the vast farm fields of rural southwestern Idaho provided Enrico Ponzo the isolation he needed to hide from his past as a former New England mobster accused of trying to whack his boss.
He introduced himself to his neighbors as Jeffrey Shaw, a man who went by the nickname "Jay." He paid for everything in cash. He bought his house in his girlfriend's name.
Nota Ras Raka:-
Marsing USA, bukan Mersing, Johor ok. Ada mobster Cosa Nostra menyorok di marsing, Idaho, jadi petani dan bersembunyi dari buruan FBI dan mafia yang lain.
i want to get out, but they pull me back in...
Feds: Mobster fugitive captured in rural Idaho - Yahoo! News
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