5 criteria how to be a cool malaysian citizens

  1. always buys a proton, not to strengthen the proton, but to ensure that at least by tomorrow, all of our proton workers still have jobs.
  3. paid your ptptn and study loan, even if you're not agree with the institution and the interest rate, because our future brothers and sisters, who are like us, in this beloved Malaysia, do not have any other ways or option to finance their studies. yes, education should be free and just, but here, who give it a damned?
  5. say no and reject to corruption. say no and reject those who accept. say no and reject to who is the upper hand and the lower hand. say no and reject those politician who say no, but he accept. say no and reject those leaders who say no, but he accept. say no and reject those pertubuhan who say no, but accept. say no and reject those wife who say no, but accept. say no and reject those family members who says no, but accept. say no and reject those who know about the corruption but choose to silence.
  7. vote. please vote when the pru 13 comes. doesn't matter who you choose. democracy is the game of numbers. your single vote will represent a huge number of support. the most important thing of all, when you vote, you have eliminate the possibillities of others or the bad guys to use your name and registration number to vote and choose on behalf of you.
  9. always believe we do deserve a better life in this country. please believe in that. there must be something better somewhere, waiting for you and me, and all malaysian to discover. we just need to believe.

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