waiting for "superman"

released date 24 september 2010
what an inconvenient truth about american-capitalist public education system victim. this a very sad stories. very sad. ini cerita penafian hak anak-anak kecil untuk mendapatkan pendidikan. education should be free and fun. although it was different subject and context from the movie 'sicko' by moore, but the issues was rightfully fit.

for those for make a living thru an education and our schools, please do watch this movie, other than 'laskar pelangi'. hopefully, malaysian educational system will not 'transforms' from what it is now to the system in this movie. please do not run our school as an business entitiy.

as all of us know, for our higher educational system, who 85% private and public IPT were 'funded' by the ptptn. student get a fund in a form of loan or debt. hopefully, our student will get a decent job for living, and start their own small family and pay the ptptn loan.

otherwise, they will end up on the similar condition of "trapped by 50,000 degree in low paying job",
an article published by bloomberg.

because we never know. sometimes those crazy people sitting in our cabinet do the craziest thing we ever imagine. i hope they are not that crazy.

i'd prefer them go stupidly crazy, suits their own stupidity perfectly.

waiting for superman - wiki
trapped by $50,000 degree in low paying job - bloomberg online

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