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lisa surihani @ persidanga. ombak rindu bagged 2 mil ringgit in 72H release.
there is a lot of 'huu - haa' among the pro-umno blogger during the persidangan umno when the puteri wings rewarded lisa surihani with some sort of recognition to her achievement as an malaysian female artist.

but, personally i think it was a part of 'ombak rindu' free promo event. i hope i was wrong.

yazmin ziqin mohamed, singaporean
intorducing, yazmin ziqin mohamed. singaporean. father indian muslim. mother, chinese. she was the top scorer for singaporean primary school leaving exam (PSLE). she also the top indian scorer. top malay pupil was natalia nadila muhamad. yazmin score 283 points, and nabila 280 points.

if yazmin were in in malaysia, she is the national and malay top scorer. but not for the indian category. it is not the issue, as both of them are briliant.

the thing is, if Malaysia, 40 or 50 years down the road, has been blessed a leader who came from the family of yazmin (Indian Muslim + Chinese Muslim family), and surprisingly win the election and most winnable candidate of the people to be the form a government, can he or she actually became a prime minister?

because looking at current political party labelling, we might found him trapped within the charts here;

Chart 1;

Bangsa 'X' muslim +
perempuan melayu =
Melayu =
boleh pilih nak masuk Umno atau pas atau PKR. tiada masalah.

Chart 2

lelaki melayu +
Perempuan Bangsa 'x' muslim =
Melayu =
boleh pilih nak masuk Umno atau pas atau PKR. tiada masalah

chart 3

Bangsa 'x' lelaki muslim +
perempuan bangsa 'x' muslim = 
bukan melayu,  tapi confirmed islam =
hanya boleh masuk pas atau PKR sahaja. tak boleh masuk umno, sebab takde darah melayu.

but, somewhere down the line we manage to appoint him (her) as a prime minister, then we agree the 1st rules to become  a prime minister is a muslim. not malay? as we know today, umno is the strogest label for malay and nationalisme and bumiputeras, as pas is the strongest label for malay and islamic movement.

if that happens, does it mean the malay - nationalisme political labelling were not meant for forever and will expired someday, and the islamic movement labelling and fight will become a universal and practical in the future? in short, pas is more relevant than umno? damn, don't asked me for answer, please find it by yourself.

top psle pupil from rulang primary - channel news asia
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