what is wrong of being humble?

what is more depress and stress other than listen to the speaker of the current persidangan umno? they have talked almost about every subject. the past leaders, the present leaders, opposition leaders, islamic leaders, malay leaders, political dogma, the old script, stand by false accusations, spread hatred, showing a compulsive and excessive both of inferiority and superiority complex they had suffer, gps-less on what rakyat thinking of them.

yes, those thousand of your member there is not doing you any good. they were not reflecting the rakyat. they just plain umno. they were project and commission desperado. they will tell you lies because you want them to tell you lies. 

if you want the truth, please listen to your enemy. they will strip you naked.
what you have done with your assembly so far? you have convinced people the election is near. you asked them to gear-up. against who? you serve as an people reps. you should give back your services to people. if you're not servicing them well, remember this, they will turn you down.

why hate the opposition? because people like them more? so what? are you surprised? don't you realize, most of your shitty problem is actually come from own appointed members? what is it? ok, in summary there would be, mismanagement, lack of people friendly policy, especially in helping the people to reduce high cost of living and overhead. lying directly to people face. corruption. nepotism. cronyism. the list will go on and on for three days. see, people are running away from umno. have you listen to tun m lately?

now it is the best chance for you to be humble. to be pragmatic. to be practical. to be friendly. to sweep bad reputation. to answer your shitty problem. to wipe out the corrupter, and the apple-polisher. you should not go blind with this kind of leaders. you should 'save' them to save you, but, in the end, what you do? you do nothing.

asked yourself this question, what do people hate umno? if you come closer to realize there is nothing wrong to be humble person, you'll be one step closer to the answer. 

this is not funny.

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