mirror, mirror on the wall

mirror, mirror on the wall, who are the ugliest amongst them all?
they have been alot of bickering, labelling, and badmouth between umno-bn and pr during the umno assembly ended yesterday. they say they have received the red message, to champion the people needs and get better for the sake to sustain putrajaya. as pkr also attacking umno bn for various scandal and accusations, why not we see what is seem so different yet to similar between this two giant, shall we?

1. if they win, dap will rule them all 

was it true? was it true if dap was different from mca and gerakan? i don't think so. gerakan were in power and ruled penang with umno full support then, and currently penang were rule by dap with pas and pkr full support. and sorry, the malay have been a minority in penang long before dap win the election. so, either dap or mca or gerakan, all of them will become the ultimate ruler, as long as they have a back-up from the coalitions.

if mca-mic-umno can work it out to run this country, why not pakatan rakyat? because you say so? because you are not confidence? who the hell are who? don't you know what is the people thinking right now? can't you see? the people thinks kedah is doing ok, penang is doing much better, kelantan was a lot better and selangor was turn to poor state like your early predictions.

and, the worst is, we know what all of you gumba's trying to do for your lost states.

nobody will rule us all. we elect. we decide. we are choosing our so called ruler. if you forgot, let me remind you again, we choose whoever we think is capable to become our servant to speak and serve us collectively.

2. cooperation with the chinese

to umno, to pas and pkr. yes, this great country consist with 3 main races, where malays as an power majorities, and chinese as an economics majorities. for this difficult reason, we have money on one side, and power on the other side. it should be tolerate to generate fairness.

i have no problems of your power sharing concept, umno with mca, pkr pas with dap. but, please consider this, before all you come up with power sharing plan to win the election, why not you asked your chinese friends what is their economic sharing plan with you first?

like tony montana said, first we have to get the money, then we get the power.

please discussed with your chinese coalition, to what extend they willing to share the water from their dwell with the malays? 

if they not know where to start, here some ideas:-
  • can they make the 50:50 ratio employment or the supply chain or whatever business synergies required for all range of businesses? and maintain the satisfied rate of salary eventhough they will the chinese slightly higher?
  • can they stop to discriminate a malay or whatever races of job seekers by dropped the mandarin / hokkien fluent term? your business are in malaysia and done locally, if you're not doing so much export sales or international sales, wtf you need the mandarin speaking employee? all malaysian mandatory to speak bahasa melayu and speak english fluently, no? now, please, drop this non-sense requirement. you have been asked the government to be fair, and it is wrong request if you are practicing a discrimination at same time.
  • stop employing a malay bigshots who will play a role as an 'ali baba' in your company. remember, when the opportunities stop, the corruption stops. be honest, wtf you hired the 'ali babas'? because you need government projects thru your 'ali babas' connection? do you realise what you've done? yes, you a nurturing the act of corruption. you know you will pay the connection 'fees' don't you. so, please stop doing and approve all of this wrongdoing.
otherwise, please forget to change the malay mindset. dr. mahathir have been trying for almost 20 years and failed.

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