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KJ dan kutukan 6 jahanamnya

yesterday, it was muhyiddin and today it is kj's turn to hit the opposition coalition.
surprisingly, pas was the new target. we are quite familiar with pkr and dap assault by umno, but the last 48 hours of assembly, if we read the full texts, we know they went all out attacking pas and make sure the message reached the public.

what is the message?
1st message was, pas already surrender to dap.
in fact, to please dap, pas would agree to change the fight course from forming the islamic state fight to welfare state. For umno, this is an act of silence. this is the act of a loser. pas have shown it’s true color by became the weakest link in the opposition coalition. Therefore, the malays should not bet their fate in the next general election by voting the weakest party in the opposition coalition.
 2nd message was, pas has become too soft for a party who fight for islam.
 Lately, most of islam's critical issues, such as hudud and murtad, pas went too soft with dap and pkr. they went silent when karpal (dap) smashed the hudud law. they were not aggressive as they should be if the issued were brought up by umno. they have not joined the murtad assembly for the greater good of islam because dap and pkr told them not to. pas is selling out the religion in the name of power.
what muhyiddin and kj want you to think?
 so, the main message from muhyiddin and kj were, be calm my fellow malays, the only party left to defend you is umno. dap is a crap, they not doing penang any good. pkr existence is only for anwar survival. anwar was the most sinful malays ever lived. the malay should not select an immoral malays to charge as their prime minister. and, pas is losing it place. pas is weak. pas is old school. pas listen to dap. pas tango with pkr.
Well, and the list went on and on...
and, what both of them some sort of agreed with each other?
however, both speaker admit umno is struggling. kj said to the fellow members, be prepared for the most competetive election ahead. we must defend putrajaya at all cost. we are facing 'saat paling getir dalam sejarah parti keramat kita'.
and muhyiddin went more honest, by saying the umno and all the bn muscle were not strong as they used to be. They were badly hit in the 2008 political tsunami. Ruling coalition does lose out the two third majorities. muhyiddin even went more serious labeling, by declaring the next general election is the 'medan jihad' battled by the 'mujahidin' and 'mujahidah' umno.
what do i think?
wow! seem like it was the war time consigliore speaking.  

khairy jamaluddin speech - full text (merdeka review)
muhyiddin speech - full text (merdeka review)

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