rhetorical and reality

perkasa in dilema to join umno
perkasa, on advance note ahead of umno general assembly, would like to see umno to be more significant and seriously uphold the malay agenda, such as to maintain the status-quo of 30% bumiputera quota and settlement for some liberalization and meritocracies issues, which currently drove away most of the malays confidence and support from umno band of leadership.

According to Ibrahim katak, the solution of these problems should not be prolonged any longer and the frustrated malay do not need new rhetorical remark or sweet promises, as they already acknowledge the reality.  Although the umno leadership seem trying to tackle malays worries, there is still pretty large number of malays who thinks umno is quite sloppy to uphold the malay agenda.
From my opinion, if umno believes what Ibrahim katak just said, then both umno and Ibrahim katak is wrong.  
In term of rhetorical and reality check, the rest of Malaysian malays (who is not with umno & perkasa) have becoming pretty ‘smart’ people and decided to stop taking the umno rhetorical pills since 1998, and we saw the numbers multiply in 2008, when 5 states decide to stop taking the umno rhetorical pills. Then, somewhere along the line, perkasa was formed an occasionally taken the umno rhetorical pills when they feel they need it.
Numbers of malays and rakyat in general, have stop taking this rhetorical pills from umno. They now live up the reality. They’re facing the high prices of living goods. They’re facing the high prices of petrol. They now from the general audit, their money is not manage too well. But still, they do not ask anyone for help, because they know, no one will help them. They become more silent than before.
That is how you are losing your support. Not the other way around.

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