international immobiliare

don corleone have complete the US 700 million deal to own 25% of the international immobiliare which is belong to the vatican and complete the his dream to turn the corleone group become a ligitimate bussiness entities.

However, the end game is subject to approval of the pope, which is now in terminal situation. due to the sickness, the last phase of the takeover of the immobiliare were put on hold. and if pope dies, all bet are off.

iin the meeting held after the offcial meeting, don licio lucchesi told don corleone it is not personal, it is only business. then the corleone don replied, ok, if you want  to do business with me, i'll do business with you.

later, only after consulting don tomassino, his old and generous friend, don corleone  realise it is don lucchesi who has the capabilities to cross from the both worlds.

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