arab league hunt down syriana bad blood

bashar is half way through to paint the bloody red.
30 tahun dulu, liga arab went silent when hafez al-assad (bapa presiden sekarang, bashar al-assad) crushed a syriana revolt, sent at least 10,000 syriana to the grave. however, the arab league will silent no more when current syriana revolutionary started in mid-march 2011 have claim 3,500 lives and there is still no clear sign either bashar or the people is backing up. so the arab league could not afford to have another crackdown after the bloody libyan revolution ended last month.

Bashar now will expect the same 'standard operational procedure' if the arab league stop supporting him. he will be cornered like gaddafi. imprisoned is bonus.

what happened to gaddafi? when he refuse to accept arab league peace a.k.a step down plan, the arab bestowed the america and proxy, namely nato to organise full-scale bombing in order to remove gaddafi from power.

syria revolution started in mid-march 2011

for america, removing gaddafi is easy. he is ousted from the region, and america is one of the libyan circle of frens. syria under bashar al-assad however, have a different circle of friends. bashar is the main buyer for russian waeponary. bashar  also the main petroleum supplier to world super power, china. so, with powerful frens, amerika will lose the veto if the motion to use military act to ease syria crackdown were table in the UN. this is the strength of bashar al-assad.

yet again, the syriana do not love bashar anymore. in recent poll, 9 of 10 syriana currently want bashar dead, which is not surprise. bashar is a sinner. he manipulate the presidential election. he killed protester. he turned down majorities of syriana divine rights. he not giving them good economy. he not giving the reasonable food price. he try nothing.

syriana just want honest and caring government. the assad family have been running this country for almost 60 years. president is refuse to step down. he has a powerful frens. the league wants him removed. america is looking the be the new syrian petroleum buyer and weapon seller.

every body is looking to remove the bad blood.

former 'club of tyrants' turn against syria - bloomberg

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