feds hypocrisy on kelantan dirty water supply

e-coli bacterium
the feds, for countless time, played the hypocrisy game again with tuan guru. this time around, they revived the 'dirtiest water' remark, claiming dangerous e-coli level which is not safe for our fellow kelantanese. and today, TPM himself assured the 'dirtiest water' issue which have been prolonged by tuan guru administration will be fixed and re-construct if the fellow kelantanese make a change and vote for state opposition in the next GE. (a.k.a umno, tpm as deputy president).

if you're truly honest oh! my dear tpm, why wait too long? why asked a return favour? why not do it now? you personally claim the water is not safe then, and it is still not safe now, and believe me it will not be safe till forever if you keep losing in kelantan state like, forever!--- please sell your hypocrisy elsewhere. no wonder tun M shot you with the 'not capable to lead' remark a few days back.

however, tuan guru is well prepared. utusan has been doing this to him countless time. he kept utusan under his radar. he knows utusan is the enemy. utusan is the fitnah mega-server. utusan see no truth, uphold the lie. utusan is the bad blood, the most evil of them all. utusan is barzini.

so, tuan guru wait no time to hit utusan back. tuan guru produce SPAN (the national water agency) report dated 31 oct 2011. guess what? pahang came up first for the most dirtiest water supply. and no surprise, kelantan e-coli level is a way below perlis, labuan and perak. all the state were umno-bn administrations. this is why utusan is the fitnah mega server.

please, be honest in your job, my highly respected tpm. rakyat do want see you as an professional and honest leader, because if you do...they will fear you.

bn janji selesai masalah air kelantan - evil utusan
air- evil utusan cuba bodohkan rakyat kelantan - harakah
tuan guru 'air-kelantan basuh najis lembu 250 juta - harakah

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