gadoh after hati malaya 1957

story which inspire the rakyat

i always wanted to watch hati malaya 1957 film, and proudly today,  i did. a film potrayed and narrated thru the eye of the leaders and rakyat, who worked together to claim tanah melayu a.k.a malaya a.k.a malaysia road to independence, 54 years ago. i am deeply touched to see how all races of malaya, leaders and rakyat, especially YM tunku abdul rahman, tun abdul razak, dato' onn ja'afar, young sardon jubir, tun cheng lock, tun hs lee, and tun v. sambathan (just name a few) to give whatever they got to ensure our nation independence date, 31st August 1957.

from the movie, we sense how people were willingly give their valuable possession, money and whatever they got, to support the merdeka mission entourage lead by YM Tunku Abdul Rahman to london because the people think it is the right thing to do. 

how the ulama (sheykh abdullah fahim to sardon jubir) send a message "when you're in power, you as a leader should not take any profit for yourselves behind people back's". 

and, it is okay to be a malay guy (rusdi ramli)  who go all out for your beloved leader (then was onn and tunku) even you have to fight your fellow malay dude (adlin aman ramli) in the middle of warong laksa own by abg muzzaffar (bront) and kak mala (kavita).

how all races in malaya stand together and unite for the independence.

story which inspired the rakyat
after seeing the hati malaya 1957, why not we proceed with 'gadoh', back to back? once finished, allow yourself to think how are we, as a nation, have changed in 54 years.

then, we please do a numbers of reality check. 

we still have a malay dude who stand up for his beloved leader (now we have najib, anwar and nik aziz), and yes, we do have a leader who made profit for themselves behind our back. 

and i strongly believe, if Malaysia call upon us on this very day, we still willingly give our most valuable possession, money and what ever we got as long as we believe to answer the call is the most right thing to do. 

(dan saya percaya, jika hari ini negeriku Malaysia menuntut pengorbananku sebagai rakyatnya, akan ku berikan segala apa yang termampu selagi aku percaya tuntutan itu adalah sesuatu yang sangat wajar untuk aku penuhi)

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