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simple answer: saya takde kena mengena
frankly, i feel sad and sympathy to our 'appointed' minister (she lost to nurul izzah, remember?) who currently stuck with the 'integrity' issues between her ministerial duty and business family affairs. 

for those who miss the train, the nfc (national feedlot corporation) currently is the opposition main subject to attack the government integrity issues, due to national audit agency report table after the national budget quote the 250 million ringgit projects were underperformed and somewhere along the line, the nfc have bought 9 million ringgit of luxury condo as an 'investment'. there is something fishy going on here, and most of rakyat are raising the eyebrows on this national-project-looks-like-cronyism issue. 

 to make things even worse, there is some voice in barisan and within umno itself that have declare this issue as an 'burden' and 'liability' to umno and barisan and could jeopardize the coalition whole opportunity to win in coming general elections.
they even asked her to resign.

untuk kesekian kalinya, iman dan ikhlas tiada kena mengena dengan masalah integriti.
according to sharizat, she will response in coming umno general assembly, and until that date, there will be no answer. 

like other good politicians, celebrities, and artist in the country, sharizat now turn to our iman and ikhlas in search of our answer.

and like other good politicians, celebrities and artist in our country, we should expect that the whole family will visiting makkah soon to ask for guidance and the truth.

the way i see it, it is only a play of country's best dark comedy.

sumber: saya tiada kena mengena dengan nfc - sharizat / utusan

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